Anal Sex Tips For Men

When it comes to anal sex, many couples have tried it before. Many people find that it is an amazing addition to their sexual repertoire. But if you have never tried it before it may seem like a very taboo topic or a scary prospect. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to make the experience great for both parties involved if it is handled correctly. Today, we are going to learn some simple tips that can help make things go smoothly.

Don’t Drink When You Try It

Anal sex is something you want to do sober why trying it for the first time. It is important to start out very slow and easy, but if you drink you might try to go too fast. Always make sure that you listen to your lover at all times, as anal can be uncomfortable at first. If your partner experiences any pain you should slow down immediately. And you may even have to back out and try again later. This will help you avoid injury and keep you from ruining the experience. There is nothing worse than your partner experiencing unwanted pain from something that is supposed to be pleasurable.

Use Lube

When you first try anal, make sure to use a sufficient amount of sexual lubricant. Definitely do not use lotion or other types of lubricants. It may be best to select a lube that is specially designed for anal. You can find this product in many drugstores, online, or at any of your local sex shops. Lube will help you glide right in while ensuring your partner is comfortable and avoid discomfort. Anal sex is not possible without a good lube.

Hire an Escort to Help You Learn

Before you have anal with your lover or you are single and just want to try it out, why not practice a professional? There are many escorts that enjoy anal sex and can teach you the ropes. Adult escorts have many years of experience with all types of sexual experiences, including anal sex, and they can help teach you how to make it an enjoyable experience for all parties involved. While this might not be for everybody, it can be a great way to learn. But if you are in a relationship it may be best to check with your lover before hiring an adult escort.

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